Our Mission and Values

OUR MISSION: Vista Community Clinic’s mission is to provide quality health care and health education to the community focusing on those facing economic, social or cultural barriers.


Care and respect for all
We care about our patients and staff. Our actions reflect respect and compassion for all. Our actions reflect support of, caring for, and recognition of the good of the individual. Service to the clients is our priority.

Collaboration and team work
Our organization works as a team and we recognize each other for our contributions. We foster an open and caring environment in our work setting. We take ownership of our work.

Continuous improvement
We recognize that change is inherent and a necessary process for organizational growth and success. As a proactive organization we can embrace a participatory and collaborative change process. We view change as an opportunity for innovation and service delivery improvement to best meet our clients' needs. We shall strive to mobilize human resources and energy to achieve our vision and mission and at the same time maintain a viable and progressive organization of individuals whose personal needs of self-worth, growth and satisfaction are met at work.

Commitment to quality
Quality is reflected in all our actions. We are committed to professionalism, integrity, accountability, continuous quality improvement in all we do. We take ownership of our work. We embrace a respect for human resources. We provide the tools necessary for excellence. Service to our clients is a priority.

Commitment to mission
Staff is mission-driven, committed, culturally diverse, and dedicated. We respect cultural diversity. We believe health care is a right. We believe that we make a difference in peoples lives.

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